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Introduction to Bumblebee Identification - Glenlivet Estate Office Thursday 25th August 10:00-16:00

Introduction to Bumblebee Identification

Did you know there are 20 different bumblebee species found in Scotland?

Join Skills for Bees: Scotland Project Officer, Annie, for a morning of bumblebee identification skills followed by an afternoon field session, practicing your skills.

We'll spend the morning in the classroom, starting off a journey of bumblebee discovery. Find out more about bumblebees, why they are so important to our lives and environment, how they support our farms and countryside and how we can help them in return.

Learn top tips for identifying our most common UK bumblebee species, as well as some of the scarce and local species found in the Cairngorms National Park. This event is suitable for beginners with no previous experience of bumblebee identification.

After a break for lunch (bring your own), we will re-group for an afternoon session and take your classroom-learned bumblebee identification skills in to the field around the beautiful Glenlivet estate, in the company of Head Ranger, Mark Johnston. Practice your field skills, learn how best to record your finds and contribute important scientific data to fill our knowledge gaps about bumblebees in the Cairngorms National Park.

Please bring your own packed lunch and suitable clothing for the afternoon, including walking shoes.

Our free training courses form a series of events this summer - please check our other listing for information on other training and survey days:

Please be aware that at this event, we may be catching (and releasing) bumblebees to take a closer look for identification purposes. We may also be looking at dead bumblebees from an extensive, historical reference collection which was donated to the project for educational purposes, and bees that have been killed humanely in addition to those which have died naturally.

If you have any questions about the day, please email