The Estate

Seasonal Highlights

Heather in bloom in the Scottish hills


The arrival of spring sees the snow clearing off the hills and the countryside slowly burst into life. There’s nothing better than a bracing stroll on a bright frosty day watching out for the first flash of colourful flowers and lush green leaves emerging and the sound of the spring birdsong. Listen out for the arrival of the lapwing and watch their highly aerobatic rolling and tumbling display flights low over the farm fields. Lapwings and other waders can easily be seen from the Tomintoul Circular walk. Look out for the first flowers alongside the paths; colts foot, dog’s mercury, lesser celandine, wood anemone and cuckoo flower are amongst the first to bloom. Larch trees, our only dedicious conifer, also look lovely in the spring time with their fresh new green needles and larch roses.

Black grouse gather on lek sites for the dawn mating displays, strutting their stuff in an effort to impress the females. Glenlivet Wildlife offer trips to watch this spectacle.


Long summer evenings and warm sunny days means even more time to enjoy outdoor adventures and all the Glenlivet Estate has to offer. There is an abundance of woodland wildflowers at this time of year - look out for the commonly seen northern marsh orchid and the rare twinflower, found only on sites of the old Caledonian pine wood.

Head to Glenmulliach pond and nature trail which is a great place to spot dragonflies and damselflies. Look out for the common hawker in woodland rides as well as in the picnic area. Around the pond the more slender delicate damselflies (the large red, emerald and common blue) can be seen on a calm sunny day.

In late summer the heather is in flower turning the Scottish hills their iconic purple shade. The Cromdale hills can easily be viewed from the road while driving down Avonside or take a walk into the depths of the ladder hills by following the Malcolm Gillespie smugglers trail.


Winter on the Estate


The Autumn days are a perfect time to get out and about and explore Glenlivet. The golden sunlight highlights the autumnal colours of the birch trees down Avonside, making for some spectacular scenes. 

Red squirrels can be found busy in the tree tops as they prepare for winter. They can often be seen visiting the bird feeders at the Glenlivet Estate Visitor centre. Landrover safari tours venture out into the hills to view the mighty red deer stags.

Look out for the arrival of the winter thrushes – fieldfare and redwing can often be spotted gorging on the rowan and hawthorn berries, and you may spot fascinating fungi displays under the treetops in the deep, dark, cool forests.


Snow is pretty much guaranteed at some point over the winter at Glenlivet. Why not try a bracing winter walk along one of our waymarked trails to a viewpoint – Glenmulliach, Victor Gaffney and Carn Daimh viewpoints all offer spectacular views of the white snow covered Cairngorm mountains.

Alternatively hit the ski slopes at the Lecht ski centre - from complete beginners to advanced skiers there is something for everyone and you'll always get a warm welcome.