The Estate

Estate Management

Glenlivet Estate management team

Glenlivet Estate is part of Crown Estate Scotland, a body tasked with managing assets that stretch the length and breadth of Scotland. 

These assets include agricultural and forestry land, most of the seabed, just under half of the foreshore and some commercial property. All revenue profit from Crown Estate Scotland activities goes to Scottish Government.

Within the Glenlivet Estate, Crown Estate Scotland has encouraged sustainable economic development backed up by significant re-investment, a policy that has won the Estate several major awards. Facilities and services for visitors are continually being developed and new enterprises and activities are encouraged.

We believe that managing Glenlivet land in an integrated way is crucial to preserving and conserving a landscape that we all cherish so much. There are many ways we do this. From creating opportunities for long-term employment in agricultural, forestry and tourism, to promoting sustainable recreational and educational activities that support the future of both the countryside and local communities.

Ranger Service

We are keen to make sure that everyone who comes to Glenlivet Estate has a positive experience they’ll remember, long after they go home. Our Rangers will do everything they can to answer any questions you have, and also run guided walks and events throughout the year. The Ranger Service works closely with the Cairngorms National Park Authority to deliver the aims of the National Park and, most importantly, to promote enjoyment and understanding of the Park. 

Rangers are also available to work with groups and they provide a wide range of educational opportunities for schools and universities to help them explore and learn about the Estate and the countryside.